Information on the use of cookies

1. What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that your internet browser reads or stores on the hard disk of your terminal device (e.g. a computer or a smartphone) when you enter a website. Almost every website uses cookie technology to ensure the functioning of the site and to optimize its appearance and functionality.

2. What types of cookies we use?

Depending on the time of saving:

a) Temporary cookies (also called "session cookies") – they remain on your device only until you close the internet browser window,

b) Long-term cookies (also called "persistent cookies") – they remain on your device for a longer period of time, either until they expire or until you manually remove them. The time of storage of cookies on your device (or more precisely on your internet browser) depends on the setting of the cookies themselves and on the settings of your internet browser.

Depending on who can use them:

a) First-party cookies – these are files that are located on the website you are currently viewing, these files can only be read by this website.

b) Third-party cookies – these are files that are created and used by a different subject than the operator of the website you are currently viewing. Generally speaking, these cookies appear especially when the website uses third-party services to analyse its users or to target advertising. This third party then creates and sets its own cookies for its service. The website may also contain embedded content, such as a technical support service, which makes it easier for the website user to contact the website operator.

Depending on the function and purpose cookies are used for:

a) Strictly necessary cookies (also called "essential" or "key") – they allow you to move (navigate) on the website and use its basic functions. They are usually set only in response to your activity that is a request for a service, such as remembering previous activities (e.g. entering a text) when going to the previous page within a single session. These cookies are usually stored temporarily on the terminal device and are deleted after the internet browser is closed. These are cookies that are necessary for the use of the website and cannot be turned off, as without them it would not be possible, for example, to put the ordered goods in the cart and continue to purchase or to go to the next step of placing an order. Your consent is not required to temporary storage of these strictly necessary cookies in the terminal device. This kind of cookies is used by the website.

b) Functional cookies – they are used to recognize your re-visit to the website and allow us to offer you improved and personalised functions such as welcoming you by name and remembering your preferences (e.g. choice of the language version). These cookies remember your choices and on this basis, they improve your user comfortability when using the website. These cookies collect anonymised information and cannot track your movements on other websites. This kind of cookies is used by the website.

c) Analytical and performance cookies – they allow the website operator to recognize and count the number of visitors and to obtain information about how the website is used (e.g. which pages the user opens most often and whether the user receives error reports from some pages). It helps the website operator improve the functioning of the website, for example, he can ensure that users easily find what they are looking for. These cookies do not collect personal data about the user, all information is aggregated and therefore anonymous. These cookies are used to improve the functioning of the website. This kind of cookies is used by the website.

d) Advertising and targeted cookies – they record your visits to the website, pages you visited and links you followed. This information is used to deliver advertisements that are relevant to you and your interests. This information is also used to limit the number of ads occurring repeatedly and to measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns. For this purpose, third parties (such as the advertisers) can be provided with this information. Your consent is required for the use of these cookies. You can set your preferences in relation to advertising and targeted cookies at any time in your internet browser as described below.

The website uses the following third-party services:

Google Analytics - provided by Google, Inc., for more information on this service, please visit:

The following are the types of cookies that are or may be used on the website:

Name Source Function Validity
websiteUsesCookies Functional cookies 1 month
_ga Analytical and performance cookies 2 years
_gat Analytical and performance cookies 1 minute
_gid Analytical and performance cookies 24 hours
_ga Analytical and performance cookies 2 years
lissc Advertising and targeted cookies 1 year
bcookie Advertising and targeted cookies 2 years
lang Advertising and targeted cookies 2 years
lidc Advertising and targeted cookies 2 years
JSESSIONID Strictly necessary cookies When a user closes a browsing session
c Advertising and targeted cookies 1 years
leady_session_id Advertising and targeted cookies When a user closes a browsing session

3. What we use cookies for?

We use cookies only to facilitate the use of our website through your PC (or another internet access device, such as a smartphone or a tablet) during your visit to Based on this data, we cannot identify you as an individual, so it is not personal data in the meaning of the relevant legislation. Cookies are primarily used to speed up your next visit and to make your use of our website more enjoyable.

4. What to do if you do not want cookies to be stored?

If you want to delete cookies stored on your device and set your internet browser so that it does not accept cookies, you can do so in your internet browser settings. Using your web browser settings, you can either ban use of cookies completely or you can accept using only a certain kind of cookies.

To change the settings of your internet browser, please refer to your browser's help and follow the instructions. In most cases, you can find cookies settings in the «Options», «Tools» or «Settings» tabs of the internet browser you use to visit the website. However, please note that the procedure specified above may vary as internet browsers may use different means to deactivate cookies.

If you refuse to use and store cookies on your device by setting your internet browser, you will still be able to use our website, however some options and features may not work properly.