Nehemia Foundation

We‘ve been supporting Nehemia for several years on a one-off basis for specific projects that appeal to us, and on a regular basis. On a monthly basis, we support missionaries - Mr. and Mrs. Bednářovi, who are engaged in spiritual and practical care for people in need in the local church and beyond in Daruvar (Croatia), as well as Miss Ivana, who, through teaching English, can also work as a humanitarian worker in cooperation with the local organization in Central Asia - we cannot mention a specific country, and last but not least, Miss Zuzana in Tanzania, who works with Maasai children in the local mission center with a functioning kindergarten and primary school.

Teen Challenge

Our regular support is also given to Teen Challenge in Šluknov, an organization that helps people addicted to drugs, alcohol and gambling. The successful programme ensures these people find meaning, strength and motivation leading to permanent abstinence as it is based on Christian values.


Is a Lithuanian rehabilitation centre for drug addicts. This organization focuses on spiritual and practical help. The Christian-based program imparts faith, love and hope, ensuring the spiritual growth of each community member's personality, enabling them to discover their own vocation. Cultivating these values is key to changing their thinking, feeling and behaviour, helping them to integrate successfully back into society.

Helping dolls

Provides help to children without families. The idea of bringing fashion, dolls and designers together quickly caught on, giving a platform to support many children through uniquely dressed dolls. Their subsequent auctioning raises funds for these very children in need.

Home Hospice „Křídla“

Nanosun has also donated a significant amount to the Home Hospice to keep it running during this difficult time. The aim of the „Křídla“ Home Hospice is to support the dignified accompaniment of dying persons in their home environment, in the company of their loved ones, who have the opportunity to come to terms with the passing of a loved one. The hospice strives for a partnership approach, it doesn‘t want to prolong or shorten the life of patients, but it wants to reduce their suffering.

Apostolic Church Hosana Varnsdorf

We regularly contribute to the church for its operation, mission projects and spiritual activities. It is a community of ordinary people who believe in an extraordinary God. One of their goals is to talk about this God in an understandable way.