The main attraction at SEF 2023 in Prague was our Smartflower

We had two wonderful days with our customers, and many other people interested in sustainable technologies. At the Smart Energy Forum at the O2 Universe in Prague we presented new products such as the Avancis facade solar panels or the Sunman lightweight panels. But probably the most interest was aroused by our new member of the nanosun family - the unique flower-shaped Smartflower solar power plant. Like a sunflower, it unfolds in the morning with the light, rotates all day long behind its rays from which it produces clean energy, and closes again in the evening to wait safely for the next morning. It is powerful, beautiful and, above all, mobile. That's why we were able to bring it to Prague, where in front of the shopping centre it aroused great interest not only of SEF visitors, but also of passers-by. Take a look.

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