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We keep thinking about how to expand our portfolio and how improve our services by meeting the demands of our customers and so recently we have added solar modules manufactured by JA Solar into our product list.

Why JA Solar?

A Solar has been one of the best TIER1 producers (4Q/2020 4th place) for a long time. In general, the efficiency of JA Solar panels is about 1 - 1.5% higher than the most competitors in their class with an average efficiency of 19.5%.


JA Solar offers high-performance monocrystalline half cut cell modules of PERC technology. Half cut technology reduces the hotspot formation, improves the mechanical resistance of the modules and increases the daily performance of solar modules and the entire system.

It also offers 60 and 72 cell solar modules that have an efficiency of more than 19%, which is well above average.

JA Solar uses two primary PERC type P and type N solar cell technologies for its solar modules. The cells have a similar design, but the N type solar cells are more efficient.


JA Solar modules have a warranty of 12 years for the product and 25 years for the linear power output.

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