nanosun introducing LONGi Hi-MO 6

Groundbreaking in both - performance and aesthetics. This is the new Hi-MO 6 from LONGi.

We are very pleased to have a hot new addition to our portfolio of components. One of the most efficient photovoltaic panels in the world, the Hi-MO 6 from the world's leading manufacturer, LONGi.

It uses a new HPBC (Hybrid Passivated Back Contract) cell structure. This is a groundbreaking technology that allows the cells to achieve excellent performance in all parameters. It achieves higher light absorption, higher performance even in low light, and higher temperature coefficient.

Hi-MO 6 panels are also revolutionary in design. The gridless front and the choice of several colours make Hi-MO 6 the perfect element to match any roofing and house style. You can hear all the highlights of LONGi's new product on our YouTube channel directly from Dr.Cui, Head of Product Marketing, who was interviewed by our Product Manager Aryak Singh, PH.D.

You can learn even more about the groundbreaking new Hi-MO 6 at our webinar on 20.6.2023 and it's completely free. All clients are sincerely invited to attend. We look forward to seeing you!!!