nanosun brings Solinteg to the Czech Market

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Solinteg is a technological and innovative manufacturer that provides advanced and optimized solutions for the storage and integration of solar energy on its own unique MORE platform.

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Currently, we are offering asymmetric load-balancing hybrid inverters of 10,15, and 20 kW capacities along with Solinteg’s EBS-5150 battery modules (5.12-20.48 kWh). By mid of 2023, asymmetric 50kW hybrid inverters are expected to arrive.

Solinteg inverters are also compatible with Soluna batteries, which we have currently in stock as well.

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Top reasons to choose Solinteg

  • Solinteg is the first brand in the Czech Republic to introduce a hybrid 50kW inverter capable of asymmetric load balancing.
  • Although new to the country, Solinteg provides direct support from the Czech Republic, which is also a big advantage.
  • Solinteg inverters have the unique feature of input current up to 15A on the PV input side and a wide range of input voltage on the battery side.

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