nanosun and Solinteg 50KW installation of solar panels in Brno and Varnsdorf

nanosun, a company specializing in solar energy technologies, recently completed a successful installation of solar panels in cooperation with Solinteg. Both companies wanted to bring innovative and sustainable energy sources to the people of the Czech Republic.

nanosun is a renowned distributor of solar panels, inverters, batteries, electric car chargers and other photovoltaic components. The company focuses on offering highly efficient, reliable and cost-optimal products. With years of experience in distribution and wholesale supply, nanosun offers a complete solution for solar energy technology.

Solinteg is a leading technology company that focuses on innovative energy storage solutions and the integration of solar systems into the distribution grid. Their advanced and optimized technologies enable efficient use of solar energy and reduce dependence on traditional energy sources.

nanosun and Solinteg have recently completed a pilot installation of solar panels on the roofs of two buildings in the Czech Republic. The first installation took place in Brno, using Solinteg Integ M 20kW hybrid inverters and batteries from Soluna. This installation enables efficient use of solar energy and its storage for later use.

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The second installation was in the volume of 50kW, which is absolutely unique. It was realized in Varnsdorf. In this project, the Integ M 50kW hybrid inverter was used together with batteries from Soluna. The total output of the installation of 50 kW allows the owner to significantly reduce energy consumption from traditional sources and almost completely switch the household to a more environmentally friendly source.

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Both of these family solar installations are examples of the many benefits that the new technology brings. In addition to lowering energy costs, solar energy enables environmental sustainability and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Thanks to innovative technologies and the reliability of the products supplied, customers can expect not only significant savings on their energy bills, but also a rapid return on their solar system investment.

nanosun and Solinteg are very pleased to have been able to carry out pilot high-end solar system installations in Brno and Varnsdorf thanks to the exemplary cooperation. This cooperation is an example of an innovative and sustainable approach to solar energy.