Do you know about the Helping Dolls project?

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Do you know about the Helping Dolls project?

It is a non-profit organization that holds an annual charity auction of Barbie dolls. The purpose is to connect art and helping others. Each year, leading fashion designers come together to create customized dresses for the dolls. Interestingly, for many of them, you can get the same dress for yourself! Leading Czech glassmakers, jewellers and shoemakers are also involved in the event. For example, the following designers have already collaborated with the project: Beata Rajská, Salon Poner, Alice Abraham, Jakub Polanka, Luuthien Jewelry, Klára Nademlýnská and many others.

The original dolls are then auctioned off and the proceeds are given to FOD, an organization that cares for children in need. The founder of the project, František Anděl, has teamed up with the Mattel company to realize this unique venture that helps children without families and parents.

Our company is based on Christian basics, so we were very happy to have the opportunity to participate in an unusual charity project again. This year's event was once again a great success and the auction gala raised an amazing 1 576 000 CZK (66 528 EUR)! We are very honoured that we were also able, with the help of the Lord God, to help people who really need it. We also thank all our clients and partners for standing by us and making it possible for us to help.

Thank you!!!

You can learn more about Helping Dolls on their website: