Teambuilding nanosun Unification, celebration and relaxation

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Day 1: Celebrating the 10th Anniversary On the first day, our journey took us beyond the borders of the Czech Republic to Poland. The destination was the Elements Hotel in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship, surrounded by beautiful forests and overlooking the panorama of the Jizera Mountains. It was there that we met with our colleagues and their families. We regularly organize teambuilding events for whole families, because we believe that good relationships are the basis of everything. At the same time, we want to give our employees a moment of relaxation and experiences shared with their partners and children. This way, we manage to connect work and personal relationships and get to know each other better, and also perhaps understand others better in more difficult working conditions. On the very first evening we gathered for a delicious dinner accompanied by an entertaining program. During it, we received awards for our best Sales Managers for 2022, thinking about the old times while looking at photos and celebrated nanosun`s 10th anniversary.

Day 2: Group activities The second day was dedicated to group activities. We were divided into teams and performed various tasks to strengthen our relationships and cooperation. The weather was good and we all enjoyed a beautiful sunny day. It all culminated in the announcement of the results. The winner was the team "Orange". It was an incredible match because orange is also the colour of our company, nanosun!

Day 3: Trip and relaxation in the Spa The last day we went on the treetop trail, and enjoyed the beautiful views of the surrounding nature. After the hike, we were able to relax in the spa and hotel pool. It was a great end to our corporate team building, which allowed us to not only bond, but also relax and recharge.

Our trip abroad together brought unforgettable experiences for us and our families. During the team activities we got to know each other better and strengthened our relationships. This team building experience reminded us of the importance of unity and cooperation to achieve success. We thank all our colleagues for their participation and thank the Lord that we were all able to come together.