nanosun day n.1

One of the greatest gifts is good friends. Therefore, we thank God that our business partners are also our friends, whom we enjoy meeting outside the office. Thanks to this, we were able to have a wonderful day full of fun and very pleasant meetings.

What is nanosun day? It's an expression of thanks to our partners who have been working with us for years. We organized a day especially for them, when we wanted to introduce them to our native Prague and show them Czech culture.

In the morning, we met at the hotel, where we were all picked up by a bus that took us to Prague Castle. Together we explored the corners of the Prague Castle, which are not always open to the public because they are occupied by the President. Then we had a ride in historic cars, where we could follow the streets of the capital, monuments and other interesting places typical for Prague.

Lunch literally in the clouds was then the highlight of the first nanosun day. In the Žižkov Tower, 66 meters above the ground, is the famous Oblaca restaurant, which, in addition to great food, offers an unusual view of Prague from above.

After a personal time off at the end of the day, we took our guests to the famous Czech restaurant U Modré kachničky, where they could sample a traditional Czech menu. Over a good meal we could discuss everything we enjoy, are interested in and worry about, and finally parted with the knowledge that our work makes sense and we gain not only business partners, but also very good friends.

To you, our partners, who took the time to come and visit us at the headquarters of nanosun s.r.o. in Prague, thank you for the wonderful atmosphere. For those who didn't attend, we are looking forward to the next event that we are already planning for you.

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